Levil Technology

LTC-30 Series

Compact CNC Turning Machine

The LTC-30 is a robust system designed for the industrial production of small parts. You will not find another lathe at this size that will give you the same rigidity and precision while cutting awide variety of materials


  • Automotive Customization
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Industrial Design
  • Machine Shops
  • Prototyping
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Jewerly

Control Options



    • Direct drive on X and Y axis
    • Linear guideways on each axis
    • Aluminum body
    • Granite base
    • Servo Controlled
    • 8 Gang Style OD Cutting Tools
    • 10 position tool rack for milling
    • Preloaded Ball Screws
    • 8 Gang Style ID Cutting Tools

Spindle Options

There are two different spindle options to choose from.  Whether it is for low speed/high torque or highspeed/low torque cutting conditions, we have a solution for each application.

LS-32-c Standard Spindle

  • 3,000 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4” Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaw

LS-32-C-220 High Speed Spindle

  • 4,500 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4” Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaws
  • Requires 220 VAC

Automation – Maximize your production

If you require a 24/7 working environment,  a tending robot will increase the output of your machine and bring cost savings by reducing down time. 

With a high performance industrial-grade robotic arm,  you can machine your parts with high accuracy and repeatability

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LTC-30 Series