Levil Technology

LTC-30 Series

Compact CNC Turning Machine

The LTC-30 is a robust system designedfor the industrial production of smallparts. You will not find another lathe atthis size that will give you the samerigidity and precision while cutting awide variety of materials


  • Automotive Customization
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Industrial Design
  • Machine Shops
  • Prototyping
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Jewerly

Control Options



    • Direct drive on X and Y axis
    • Linear guideways on each axis
    • Aluminum body
    • Granite base
    • Servo Controlled
    • 8 Gang Style OD Cutting Tools
    • 10 position tool rack for milling
    • Preloaded Ball Screws
    • 8 Gang Style ID Cutting Tools

Spindle Options

There are two different spindle options to choose from.  Whether it is for low speed/high torque or highspeed/low torque cutting conditions, we have a solution for each application.

LS-32-c Standard Spindle

  • 3,000 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4” Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaw

LS-32-C-220 High Speed Spindle

  • 4,500 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4” Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaws
  • Requires 220 VAC

Automation – Maximize your production

If you require a 24/7 working environment,  a tending robot will increase the output of your machine and bring cost savings by reducing down time. 

With a high performance industrial-grade robotic arm,  you can machine your parts with high accuracy and repeatability



LMT-300 CNC Mill-Turn

LTC-30 Series