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About Us

Levil Technology is a family-oriented, Central Florida-based company established in 2000. We are dedicated to the design and production of tabletop CNC machines that have a broad array of users across many industries. Unlike many tabletops out there, our machines are able to reach incredible precision and high speeds thanks to our servo-controlled technology. Not only are they capable of machining, but they can also digitize, change, and measure tools automatically, perform CAN cycle, and much more, using a simple to use Windows-based software or industry-proven FANUC control.

With our introductory milling machine, the LV-300, Levil Technology began its journey to establish itself as a small machine manufacturer. Levil Technology has designed and introduced numerous systems into the small machine manufacturing markets that focus on areas such as education, R&D labs, small machine shops, aerospace, medical, dental, etc.

Though education has been Levil Technology’s main focus, they are now concentrating their efforts to introduce more industry-oriented systems, in order to service manufacturing facilities with limited space. A need that has previously been ignored.

Levil Technology is proud to bring technology and innovation to businesses and individuals around the world every day. We provide quality and mobility, virtually unmatched whether you are a CNC machining school or an industrial corporation.

Mission Statement
To create quality and dependable products that will serve the industry and the community for years to come.

Vision Statement
To establish ourselves as a world-class machine manufacturer that revolutionizes the industry by making compact but capable machines.

Meet Our Geeks

Ruben Leon


I became interested in CNC machining while doing my master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University in 1979.

I opened my first machine shop in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1985, as a job shop. As I grew my company, I started making my own pc-based control in 1989, which is the predecessor of the control we use today. 

In 2000, due to political unrest in Venezuela, I decided to move my family and company to the United States and open up Levil Technology Corp. It was with the creation of this company that I began to design my own tabletop CNC machines. We have come a long way from the original control in 1989 and now have an array of different machine options and solutions for our customers worldwide.

I am very proud of all we have accomplished since the company started and look forward to all the great things we have left to do. In my spare time I enjoy flying, paragliding, tinkering and designing new things, and spending time with my granddaughters.

Andres Leon


I joined Levil Technology in 2008 as a machine operator/machine assembly technician, learning from my father as I completed my studies at the University of Central Florida in aerospace engineering.

Since graduation, I have expanded my duties as I rose through the ranks. Currently, I am the general manager. My job involves research and development, customer and partner relations, and overseeing the production processes.

When I am not supporting the Levil team, I enjoy traveling, camping, scuba diving, and relaxing on the beach.

Carlos Leon


I am Venezuelan born with mostly a British education and I have a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering. 

For over 30 years I was part of a very famous machine tool distributor in Venezuela. However, in 2017 the political and economic situation forced me to migrate to the United States, where I was welcomed by wonderful people everywhere.

I am proud to be part of a very important team at Levil Technology Corp., manufacturing solutions for the CNC educational and industrial market. As the production manager, I am in charge of the manufacturing and assembly of our CNC machines and parts. I am very happy to be part of the Levil team.

Michelle Leon


I joined Levil Technology/Aviation in 2015 as operations manager. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s in hospitality management and a master’s in business administration. When I am not supporting the Levil team, I enjoy traveling, camping, scuba diving, and relaxing on the beach.

Ricardo Leon


I became part of the Levil Technology/Aviation family in 2017. I graduated from Lincoln College with a bachelor’s degree in restaurant management and hospitality. The greatest thing about working at Levil is not only the fact that I get to work with amazing people but also the fact that I always get to meet new people every day. I enjoy cooking, traveling, and most importantly, flying.